The following are media stories that have appeared related to the Brenda Bryant case, the judges in question, the sheriff and officers in question and the larger issue of “Estate Trafficking” quietly going on all across this country.

Media Coverage of the Brenda Bryant Case

Go Upstate: After her daughter was abused, Brenda Bryant spent a decade fighting on her behalf, pressing until the state Supreme Court heard her case about South Carolina’s responsibility for people with disabilities.

The Nerve: Judicial Ethics Office Investigating Judge Who Issued Warrant for Mother of Adult Disabled Daughter

Greenville Gazette: Retaliation allegations persist over the years in DDSN system

ProPublica: South Carolina: The State Where Judges Rule Themselves in Secret

The State: A woman has filed a petition in the S.C. Supreme Court that asks the court to put a Feb. 4 legislative election for Greenville County circuit Judge Edward Miller on hold, according to a draft petition given to The State newspaper.

Media Coverage of “Estate-Trafficking” And Sanctioned Kidnapping

Elder Dignity: An elderly doctor was kidnapped and held against her will. Her husband received a divorce notice instigated by the state of Florida so that the state could sever his spousal rights and have unfettered access to their retirement savings. The family was given no word on where she was being help nor that she had passed away. It took the work of an advocate and a private detective to learn the truth.

The New Yorker: Guardians can sell the assets and control the lives of senior citizens without their consent—and reap a profit from it.

Upcoming Movies and Media

Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Production Gears Up For Seven-Month Shoot:

This movie is about the book by the same name detailing historical events where lawyers set themselves as Guardians for native people to usurp their rights. When oil was discovered on their tribal lands, the lawyers couldn’t wait to steal the value for themselves and killed their wards for profit.

Netflix’s Dirty Money Dives Into the Tragic World of Guardianship Scams