Laws Broken

This is not a complete list, not by far. These are merely laws broken that are already known and proven by South Carolina’s own court records. Anyone can look up this case, the filing dates, and read the rulings. Despite years of pleading with judges, the Governor, legislators – no one had dared cross Judge Miller and risked opening what may be the worst corruption through estate trafficking and guardianship abuse in the history of the state.

South Carolina Deputy Attorney General response to Mark Keel, Chief of the S.C. Law Enforcement Division (SLED) regarding Civil Cases (Click to read the letter)

Improper Use of the NCIC List.

National Crime Information Center (NCIC) an electronic clearinghouse of crime data available to virtually every criminal justice agency nationwide.

Criminal justice agencies enter records into NCIC that are accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide for use in instances during a traffic stop to determine if the vehicle in question is stolen or if the driver is wanted by law enforcement. However, a positive response from NCIC is not probable cause for an officer to take action and policy requires the inquiring agency to make contact with the entering agency to verify the information is accurate and up-to-date.

The NCIC is for criminal complaints and may NEVER be used for civil matters. Judge Miller ordered Brenda Bryant to be placed on this list because she defied his unlawful order. He then instructed a corrupt sheriff’s office to to assist him. These officers event consulted with the State Attorney General’s office who advised them NOT to use the NCIC list in this manner.

These officers did so anyway in violation of the law and nearly cost Brenda her life.

North Carolina Arrest record with the warrant (Click to read the documentation)

Unlawful Deception, Improper Warrant

Judge Miller falsified the warrant record to help ensure Brenda Bryant would not survive any arrest made. He did so by labeling her with “violent tendencies” without cause and falsely states “prior resisting arrest.” Neither were true.

On April 4, 2012, North Carolina Deputy Jason Lambert followed Brenda as she drove through Boncombe County, unaware that Judge Miller had issued a warrant. Deputy Lambert stopped Brenda and ordered her from her vehicle, dragging her tot he pavement. At the time of this incident, Brenda was 58 yrs old.

After being treated for her injuries, Brenda learned that the state of South Carolina had no intention of paying a few hundred dollars to extradite her as she prepared to fight.

Did Judge Miller intend for her to be shot and killed the way Walter Scott had been during a traffic stop?

A copy of the appeal that was later filed by Brenda Bryant, confirmed in South Carolina court records (Click to read the documentation)

Unlawful Contempt Charge

Judge Miller issued a contempt ruling against Brenda Bryant during the time she was appealing her case. Once a case is in the appeal process, duly received by the court and stamped with the Clerk’s receipt, the case is no longer in the jurisdiction of the previous judge.

Records show that Judge Miller was well aware of this, yet unsatisfied with this outcome, he knowingly broke the law and issued an illegal contempt charge against Brenda – an order to pay the fees of court appointed guardians who did nothing while her daughter was raped, molested, and repeatedly assaulted.

Court records show that Judge Miller was informed of the appeal during session then he called the clerk to verify that an appeal had been filed and duly received. Despite the confirmation from the Clerk, Judge Miller decided to act, and in doing so, committed a crime.

In November 2020, Judge Miller lied to the Judicial Review board about these events, although his testimony could have been easily refuted by the review board members had they bothered to look at the court records.