Brenda’s Story

A mother and wife faces the greatest hardship imaginable – separated from her family, their finances stolen by a corrupt system, and now a fugitive through retaliation.

Brenda Bryant stood up to a corrupt system that allowed state sanctioned kidnapping for grift – and she won.

In retaliation for this victory, a victory at the state Supreme Court level that set precedent for every American – this same judge issued an illegal bench warrant against her. Mysteriously, Brenda was also added to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) terrorists list though the judge denies he ordered it and the sheriff at the time received word from the State’s Attorney General barring that action. Yet, still to this day, a grandmother with no criminal record is listed as a dangerous terrorist.

Violent Person File: Once fully populated with data from our users, this file will contain records of persons with a violent criminal history and persons who have previously threatened law enforcement.”

From ProPublica 2019: “South Carolina: The State Where Judges Rule Themselves in Secret“:

Brenda Bryant in 2014 alleged Greenville County Circuit Court Judge Edward Miller had issued an “illegal” arrest warrant after she refused to pay roughly $10,000 in legal fees for a court-appointed guardian. The complaint was first reported by The Nerve, a South Carolina online news outlet.

Bryant had challenged the fees. She alleged the guardian had failed to protect Bryant’s disabled daughter from physical and sexual abuse in a Greenville group home.

Bryant complained that Miller’s warrant turned her into a fugitive, forcing her to live out of state.

In an email to The Post and Courier, Miller denied Bryant’s claims and called Bryant a “disgruntled litigant.”

Bryant told The Post and Courier the warrant for her arrest is still active, and it remains unclear how seriously the state commission took her complaint.

All she received was a three-paragraph letter stating that the commission “convened” and “voted to dismiss your complaint.”

“I have no closure,” Bryant said in a recent phone interview.