Free Brenda Bryant


Duty of Care Advocacy

If you have ever had a loved on in the hospital, nursing home, prison, a half-way house, state funded care home – your rights to expected a basic level of care are owed to one woman’s fight – Brenda Bryant. She took on powerful forces and won. Now they are retaliating. Learn about this landmark case that started it all.

Judge Edward Ned Miller

How One Judge Betrayed the Law

Circuit Judge Edward “Ned” Miller has been at the helm of justice run amok, illegally issuing warrants and even sought to kill a citizen using the NCIC terrorism watch list illegally to do his dirty work. Find out how and who looked the other way.


Brenda’s Story

Brenda’s fight continues as a fugitive, separated from her family in a personal living hell… but did you know that her story highlights the risk to EVERY family right now, in every state? Human trafficking gave way to what is known as “Estate Trafficking” where state-sanctioned kidnapping and fleecing seniors of their trusts and retirement runs rampant. Learn what is going on right now.


An estimated number of Americans kidnapped from loved ones against their will, without notifying families

State’s Rights

State’s Rights advocates have unwittingly put Americans in harms way with little Federal intervention


Brenda’s case is not the most extreme case and hundreds of others have come forward

Recent interview of Rick Black, Director of CEAR advocacy working to change the law for Brenda and every family

Shocking video evidence of the brutality

These videos may be disturbing to some views. These are the real evidence files and other supporting evidence collected in this case.

What was Judge Edward Miller so afraid of that he tried to kill a 60 year old woman using the NCIC terrorism security list illegally?

Interview with journalist Dion McNeil 2020


This is a timeline of the events in this incredible story. Only through Brenda’s perseverance and dedication to accurate record keeping can this story be told at all.


Her Daughter’s Kidnapping

The horrific events that started this saga are violent, disturbing, and were sanctioned by local authorities. Here is what happened and how they almost got away with it.

The Supreme Court Fight

The pursuit of justice is supposed to be a right granted to all and when you prevail, the opposing side is supposed to comply. Instead, they kept coming, consumed by greed.

Shocking Greed and Corruption

Consumed with pride, Judge Edward Miller seemed determined to see Brenda dead or behind bars for life. He has been aided by other justices also in on robbing families.

Pleas for Help

These are the politicians who turned their back on Brenda and all the families facing similar retaliation

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Unsung Heroes

These are the agencies and heroes who spoke up against incredible odds and tried to give voice to our families

Center for Estate Administration Reform

Laws & Legislation

These are the laws broken in Brenda’s case, the Supreme Court decision, and the Federal and State Laws YOU need to be aware of.

Actions You Can Take Right Now

You are not alone and now, neither is Brenda. She fought for the limited rights our families rely on. Now, we can fight for her, and in doing so, win an end to this threat for ALL OF US!

Who we are

People Who Love

We love our families, just like you. We love justice and the idea that law and order can be a force for good. We love our neighbors and want to see a world where no one need fear justice officials disrupting our communities, robbing our seniors and disabled, or threatening our neighbors.

We believe this will be a fight worth our time and that love always wins.